“Addicted To Sweat is inspired by my workout regimen that I do consistently to take care of my mind and body.  My trainer Nicole and I have created this program that has helped give me the body I have today.” - Madonna

Get The Complete 4-Disc Collection! Only $29.95

Features the exclusive programs based on Madonna's workout routines, previously only available at Hard Candy Fitness Clubs. Madonna's personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer, implements Hard Candy Fitness' results-driven techniques and programming created by Madonna for the four-disc DVD set, which blends innovative dance, toning and cardio training. These results-driven DVDS are challenging, but as Madonna says, "No Sweat, No Candy."





DVD 1 - ATS Dance, Get Wet - $9.99

Structured like a dance class, Winhoffer breaks down all steps in this tutorial-style DVD.  It will hone in on the importance of form and focus in order to perfect choreographed dances and get the best out of each workout.

DVD 3 - ATS Dance, Wet, Wet, Wild - $9.99

Building from DVD one, Winhoffer pushes the dance skills to the next level, featuring more diverse moves that will increase the power of the workout.

DVD 4 - Jawbreaker Chair, Dripping Wet - $9.99

A chair and the floor are the only tools required for this extreme and unique workout aimed to sculpt, tone and tighten the entire body.  The chair will enhance all of the exercises for the butt, hips and thighs, and the floor will work the abs and core. The reps and intensity are both increased for ultimate results.

DVD 2 - Jawbreaker Towel, Slippery When Wet - $9.99

This total body conditioning workout targets every muscle that pays special attention to the abs, core, arms, chest and back. The warm up focuses on standing and floor exercises, then after a full-body routine, moves into a flexibility and mobility cool down.

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